we good baba no ganja, no beedi…
February 15, 2007, 11:10 am
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Awaiting Siva Ratri we are taking His instructions rather than following His actions. My mother used to tell me “do as I say not as I do.” I used to think that statement was not the best but now I understand it to some extent.

We have many funny stories…. nagababas attacking Jason etc…coming soon(talk about culture shock!).

After Palitani we headed to Ahmedabad. Here we relaxed in the bangalo of our best friend Vinodcandra Bhai. It was his 71st Birth day so we had late night celebrations with his 60 close family members. Nice to see him holding the family together.

Hopping on a train to Dheli is always fun. We rode oppulently on the rajadhani express two tier sleeper air conditioned. You cant just buy a ticket to Vrindaban. Showering in a train is the best-true indian style. That is for intimate asociates only or those in the know.

When we arrived deelhi we met with our driver having an accident or sleeping in and he didnt come. We were left to haggle with the local pirates and get a ride to Vrindaban. Basically any taxi connection goes like this:

1) man dressed nicely with smile and corjually broken english approaches you.
2) He says hare rama hare krishna!
3) taxi?
4) mathura?-or other common destination
5) how many people?
6) you good price!
7) new car!-its always a old crappy car no matter what!
8) we say “no we want Qualis!”
9) he says “no qualis ambassador no problem nice car, first class.”
10) but our baggage wont fit!
11) no problem big truck
12 no we want qualis
12) ok van but 200 more ruppee
13) no we go somewhere else
14) you ask someone else then they follow you and start yelling at the other
15) you are carrying heavy bags and are tired and just want to see the dhama…
16) They say ok here is you car…
17) they grab your bags throw them in squeeze you in thenthey ask for half the money
18) one guy puts it in his wallet with a big smile
19) then a fight breaks out
20) your sitting in the car wonderring whats happening
21) they are yelling -they are white epople why so cheap you idiot charge them more
22) then they dirve you some distance away and then say ” this car is no good we are putting you in another better one
23) some more yelling goes on and you feel like you may be killed in a moment or so
24) then they shove you in worse car who they bought for half the price and your off
25) while on the road the man who’s driving asks” so where are we going?”

Basically everything works that way…until you learn the look…


Mahadeva and Mahavira
February 12, 2007, 11:41 am
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(Jason and I were walking to the Ganga right now and we decided to use the internet after our holy dip. Jason said maybe we might have to take another dip after words too. I agree!)

How do I explain the the signifigantly established worship of Lord Siva throughout India. What I recommend is you order Krsna Kathamrita Siva Issue 1 and 2 and then you may understand. Unfortunatley they are sold out but amazingly I have found one!!! Lord Siva Ki Jaya! At Somanath temple we amazed ourselves at watching the stone carvers and then took bath in the sea. Jason hesitated but after a little budbudaphenapanakam preaching we jumped right in. One little boy either planned on stealing our clothes or he watched them, either way he got a little Dwarkadish prasadam in exchange. The sevaks in the temple sell garlands in the front of the temple to offer. After a little parikram of the diety in off limits area we took darshan of the sevaks fixing old garlands for reselling. I guess flowers are that rare in Gujurat area you have to sell the flowers and offer the bhakti.

I have spent a few days travelling in Toyota’s Qualis. Iam very attached now and think maybe its a good Idea to get on for the Usa. I think they are blessed by Lord Narasimha to make it through all obstacles safely.

In the evening we arrived to Palitani. Holy abode and take off point for enightenment in the Jain tradition. The most beutiful spot we went to on the trip. The day after we arrived was Nityanada Trayodasi. The rest of the God family was in Tirupati for the opening and to take darshan of Tirumala and Lord Balaji. We felt los tin theis world unfortunate to be there with al of you. WE woke up early and headed up the many kilometer mountain in the darkness follwing the sadhus and mainly the sadhvis. Remember 10,000 Jain female sanyassis. It was almost full moon and the mystic peacfulness of the climb and unlimited temples left us in nice meditation. Upon arrival at the top we enter hidden temples of Mahavirya and chanted our Vaisnava Prayers meditating the we were in Tirupati with the family and Gurudeva. Sitting til noon under the tree whcih countless sadhus attained liberation we chanted Harinam as everyone clad in white renunciate dress looked at the white man and I clad in saffron chanting with vaisnava tilak. were we the first? Nonetheless I hope to return it was most beautiful. The city is a vast arrangement of temples and castles built by kings. Jains are Kaitriyas and Krsna is supposed to be thier most worshipabble Lord in the Near future-thats the word on the steet. On the way down i befriended a most wonderful sadhu named Namaskara. 31 years old. We ran down the hill trying to care for his senior teacher who was carried down the hill in a palenqin. At the bottom i went to his ashrama dn spoke with the senior Guru for half an hour about renunciation and Bhagavad Gita. He wanted a Gita so Ill send him one asap. They fed me lunch and treated me very properly despite my truly fallen position. Im just a kid trying to make it in this world(as blake would say).

jason lost his crocs…

So I recommend you all go to Palitani. Connection is slow so i cant upload fotos so close your eyes and imagine paridise.


blind bhajan singers hit the streets.
February 9, 2007, 12:37 pm
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It seems to be a common profession for blind people to sing bhajans on trains, bridges, streets, roads, wherever. They are quite good and I think that it may be a blessing being able to just meditate on the Lord free from other distraction around you in the busy city life.

After Dwaraka we headed to Chorwad. I think it means “the Brititsh theives live over there over that wall”. Its a small dilapidated business adventure in Gujarat. What remains are old castle ruins and fisher men. I spent the morning joining the village in their morning rituals of boating fishing and playing with dead eels. Despite their eating fish its was pleasant being with such simple loving people. Of course me and the kids got along well especially when the camera came out. Later we had coconuts cut by the 12 year old hatchet weilding beauty and then played hit the tire with the boys. Giant bats follwed us at night and the coral beach prevented us swimming in the arabian sea. Next stop-Somanath/Palitani.

India oh India
February 1, 2007, 5:45 am
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Would you like a cart for your luggage?

10,000 Sadhvis versus 2000 Sadhus in on Jain path!

Proof! Jason in Dwarka

Beauty in Nagesvar.

The 20 or so hours of travel from New Jersey to Amhedabad was like having a fever which one is never quite comfortable this way or that way. Air India truly gives the taste of India before you hit the Mother Land. Bollywood erotic films, arguing with the stewards(customer is never right), rushing and pushing rather than lines, and those wonderful accents and pretending to not know english. We definetly looked forward to India and getting off that 6 story aircraft that smelled like tumeric or was that garlic and onions and Bacardi being passed around.

We arrived Amhedabad to what seemed like the New York stock exchange with a little more angst. A little slip of some American cash got us right through customs with little more than a wink.

One day in Ahmedabad sent us to the Large Iskcon temple, brief shopping, and a meeting with a few Jain sadhvis. Tara’s neice renounced everything and now walks barefoot through India seeking enlightenment. Once a year she plucks out her own hair as well! This short visit left me great inspiration to be a little renounced while in India. To their level I dont think so. But definetly inspired by their mood.

We left the city and travelled to Dwarka. Here we visited the ancient Dwarkadish temple and stayed in Iskcon center established by HH Mahavisnu Maharaja. Their is one devotee taking care of everything. Cooking, cleaning, dressing, morning program, Bhagavatam class etc. Amazing soul. (Kind of like some places in America? India may not be that much difffernt.Bhakti is rare.) A great inspiration. He cooked for us for two days and placed us in the guest house with the most of care and attention. Our first holy dhama was reached on Ekadasi so our first stop of the India tour was most auspicious. One of the Pujaris at Dwarkadish temple took a fondness to me and left me with a maha garland right off the diety. A few prayers to Balarama and Dwarkadish sent us off to Bet dwaraka, which is an island in the Arabian sea. A most wonderful place to see and remember. The diety there is said to be very dear to Meerabhai and some say she merged into that diety. We bought some Gopi Chandan at Gopitila and returned to Dwarka city. The next day we left and headed to Nagaesvar and Chorwad.

Jason Tolerated the driving and learned about the signifigance of constant chanting and prayer while in India. The first few days were most amazing and appreciated. A lot more has happened but well leave that for later….. sick days-zero!