july 31st through August 1st….olympia.
August 21, 2006, 7:52 pm
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We spent july 30th and 31st and August 1st in Olympia wa. It was he first time we met His Grace SRGNT Paratha Sarathi Prabhu. He is a disciple of HH Kadamabakanana Maharaja. He took full care of us while there. we were engaged in hours of kirtan, eating, sleeping, reading, Krishna Katha, resting, more resting, hearing about Iraq and hearing about all the wonderful association Partha has had with so many senior renunciates in our movement. We became very close friends with Partha Sarathi Prabhu and he invited us to stay with him eternally. We accepted.


HG Partha Sarathi Prabhu
August 6, 2006, 12:49 am
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Olympia update coming soon… starring…..

to olympia….
August 3, 2006, 7:31 pm
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Tacoma to Olympia was along ride. We did get to see a nice car show. Chaitanya fell in love with a Vedic hot rod. Blake died due to the previous days long ride. Blake was showing off his youthful energy by riding past us in car like speed up hills and then riding back down the hills to help us out with a push. He told us that he had rode a mountain bike race which was 100 miles in a day with 10,000 mile of hill climb intotal. these hils were nothing even with the trailer. His ability was impressive and left us in the dust. Upon entering Olympia we got converted to Christianity by five Korean lady preachers. They bought us lunch and coconut drinks due to their philanthropic nature and seeing us as their brothers. They also had a red sweet bean ice cream party with us. We arrived the emo capital of the world with another big hill climb but with the reward of meeting HG Pratha Sarthi Prabhu!

The Aroma of Tacoma onwards
August 3, 2006, 7:11 pm
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On our way to Tacoma we realized people in Seattle dont realy respect Tacoma residents, they make funny jokes like the above. Tacoma was another hill at the end of our ride. On the hill we met a friend who cursed at us alot then said he would”cap us” he wanted to chase us on his bike and hang out but he unfortunatly his working senses wouldnt let him ride very fast past the local bar. We made it to our evening home. The house of Cousin Chelsea. She went to some emo punk rock cocert in Seattle so we had to make friends with the roommate Mr. Alex Twist. at first he wanted us to sleep outside in the back yard but after a few minutes of friend making conversation we made it to the couches and the computers. Chelsea came home at 1am blake slept outside in the rain because we were talking to long. In the Morning we had a pancake feast and Chelsea said that was the most pancakes she ever saw consumed by a bunch of boys in her life. Balarama Candra did out eat Chaitanya Prabhu 8 to six. we need those carbs. Chelsea goes to Puget sound University. Alex Twist rows boats. She had another room mate kathy from humbolt(were are going to stay with her parents when we reach there)and a fourth who couldnt talk to us for some reason. Thanks for letting us stay! I recommend every house have a big bouncy ball…

Sriman Blake Friss
August 3, 2006, 7:03 pm
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Name: Blake Friis
Residence: Denver Colorado
Occupation: Preacher
Age: Eternal Servant of Krishna
Bike: Gary Fisher “Sugar One” with BOB trailer attachment

Seattle Again…
August 3, 2006, 6:44 pm
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We didn’t associate with the devotees in Seattle. They are very busy people. We are unfortunate.

We got our own house for the evening near the space needle in Queen Anne.Thanks to Mr. Nick. His girlfriend was sick so he had to leave and care for her. he is a med student so for him it was fun. It seems to be our good fortune that after a long days ride we always finish it off with a huge hill before we take rest. (Note to all our friends, even though the view may be nice its hard for your bicycle riding friends to reach your place.) And we picked up our third party member: Sri Sri Sriman Blake Friis Prabhu(Denver, CO)-ki jaya!!!!.

Good restaurant: Bamboo Garden. Excellent. Sponsored by the grandmother of Chaitanya Prabhu.

Nice Bike shop: Counter balance. hooked it up.

P-town to Seattle!
August 3, 2006, 6:14 pm
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A good 50 mile hard ride-huge hills. knees finished. one and a half mile bridge.nap on side of road. play mridanga for police officer. Chaitanya plays Top Gun. Gaura Nitai continue to play in the Pacific NorthWest.